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Electrical Tips and Preventive Maintenance

Garbage Disposal Power

If your garbage disposal stops working you should:

1. Clear out anything inside the garbage disposal which might be jamming the motor and stopping it from working properly. TAKE EXTRA CAUTION WHEN REACHING INSIDE THE MECHANISM. UNPLUG THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL FIRST.

2. Briefly flip on the switch to the garbage disposal. Do you hear a humming noise? If you do, then there is power going to the disposal and the problem may be that the disposal is either jammed or broken.

3. If you turn on the switch to the garbage disposal and you do not hear any humming noise, locate the small button that is somewhere on the disposal and press it to reset the disposal. Then try running the disposal to see if that corrected the problem.

4. Finally, try resetting all the circuit breakers in your electrical panel to see if you can get power back. 

If you have questions regarding garbage disposals, please contact us. 

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