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Electrical Tips and Preventive Maintenance

Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI)

Here is an example of a GFI receptacle. 
The National Electrical Code states that all kitchens, bathrooms, garages or any area where water may be present use GFI receptacles in place of regular electrical outlets. 
GFI receptacles will shut off power should there be any problems or circuit issues with any electrical unit that is plugged into the receptacle. With this safety feature, you can restore power by pressing the "reset" button located on the GFI. 
Sometimes you may have a receptacle that is located in a kitchen, bathroom, garage or outdoor area which has no power that is not a GFI. In spite of this, even though it looks like a regular receptacle, it can still be protected by another GFI that has tripped off somewhere else. The only way to check for this is to check nearby GFI receptacles to insure they are all working properly and reset as necessary.

All GFI receptacles should be tested monthly. This is done by pressing the 'Test' button. If the 'Reset' button pops out, the GFI is working properly.  If pressing the 'Test' button does not cause the 'Reset' button to pop out, then contact us. 

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